Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden
achieves Living Building Challenge Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

The Living Building Challenge is the world’s most progressive and rigorous standard for green buildings. Going above and beyond LEED certification, Living Buildings strive for net-positive or net-zero energy, are free of toxins, and lower their carbon footprint many times below the generic commercial structure. To be certified under the Living Building Challenge, projects must meet a series of ambitious performance requirements over a minimum of 12 months of continuous occupancy.
Twenty years ago, few of us thought we needed food labels. Now, most cannot imagine living without the choice to know what we are consuming. Twenty years from now, most of us will want to know what is in our living spaces. We will know that Living Buildings are healthy places, both for us and for our planet. Those of us who pursue the Living Building Challenge are instigating change for a sustainable future.
Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden, an estate farm and winery in Jacksonville, Oregon, has built the first Living Building Challenge certified tasting room in the world. Cowhorn achieved Petal Certification in May 2017. Cowhorn joins a handful of institutions around the world dedicated to creating inspiring, healthy and beautiful buildings in which people live, work and play.
• Etsy Headquarters – Brooklyn, NY
• Bullitt Center – Seattle, WA
• Natural Resources Defense Council – Beijing, China
• Packard Foundation Headquarters – Los Altos, CA
• Phipps Center and Conservatory – Pittsburg, PA