Vitality in the Gardens at Cowhorn

June 8, 2017

Vitality in the Gardens

Our practices in our gardens are focused on the goal of improving the vitality of our soils. We believe that soil health directly contributes to strong, healthy crops. Presently in the gardens we are growing asparagus, lavender, hazelnuts inoculated with Périgord black truffle, cannabis and a kitchen garden. These products are sold to local food cooperatives and restaurants. The backbone of our farming program is our tillage program which gently aerates the soil, removes unwanted weeds, and helps break down cover crops which provide nutrients to the crops. On a holistic level, our soil vitality is enhanced by the application of Biodynamic® compost, compost teas, Biodynamic® preparations, and by habitat diversity (farming with the wild). Our compost program, which is based on organic cow manure and our own green waste, provides organic matter and nutrients to the soil and crops. Compost teas and vermiculture are used to control pests and to encourage complexity of the microbiological activity in the fields. Although it certainly takes more time and attention to detail (compared to conventional farmers) to incorporate each of these steps -we feel that as a result the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts, and a synergy is born that positively impacts the quality of all the products we grow at Cowhorn.