Finally a blog on the Preps!

April 10, 2016

For those unfamiliar with the term, the “preps” or “preparations” are the substances that Biodynamic farmers use to tend to specific plant needs. The preps get a lot of attention in the press as the defining feature of Biodynamic farming. While not denying or minimizing their importance, one need only read our website to understand the small role the preps play at COWHORN. So, when the need for a prep application presented itself, we jumped on it and I started writing!

The need arose recently when we were pruning the young cherry trees in the orchard. The cherry trees are three years old now and needed some major cuts to shape them for future years. On the major cuts, we applied a pasted of the prep called “barrel compost.” This paste, made from aged compost and herbs, protects the wound from disease and insects that could enter the trunk at the cut. It also acts as a salve for the wound.

In much the same way a warm compress draws out toxins from a wound, applying barrel compost draws out sap that helps the plant heal. As with most alternative remedies, barrel compost doesn’t act aggressively like a commercial or synthetic paste would. We think this gentle approach assists the plant with healing while at the same time helping to build its natural immune system.

– Barbara Steele