Vintage 2013 Harvest Day One

September 28, 2013

The first 5 mins of harvest are always a little exciting, a little emotional. Such an overwhelming abundance make us very appreciative. Viognier is up first, yahoo! First macrobin of Viognier came in at 45F and 1,045 pounds! We brought in a little over 12 tons total, finished processing by nightfall. Fruit looks great!

– Bill Steele

Is Viognier Ready to Pick?

September 27, 2013

We sampled our Viognier grapes again this morning, and there are smiles on Bill and Barb’s faces!

– Karla

Sample Sample

September 25, 2013

Sampled grapes yesterday throughout the entire vineyard. We are still going to hold out on harvesting for a few more days.

– Karla

Party Downtown!

Eugene, OR, If you’re looking to sip some Cowhorn you can find our 2012 Spiral 36 and 2009 Syrah 80 on the list at Party Downtown. Great food & people!

– Josh Kimball

Hello Worms

September 19, 2013

We fed the worm bin yesterday. When we opened the bin, it had some color to it, not too wet, no mold, no strong odors. I had earlier chopped up some melon and green beans into one inch pieces for easier consumption (these are domestic worms after all!) So we gently added this to the top of the heap. Then we followed with a thin layer of sawdust to soak up any extra moisture at the food level from the melon trimmings. Next, we added a light layer of manure compost and a little fresh water topped it off. (Earlier during the hot days of summer, we had added dirt instead of manure.) Here’s a picture of what a buffet for worms looks like. All the worms are underneath and they will work their way through this food by maybe Tuesday next week.

– Karla

Ready. Set.

September 18, 2013

Getting ready for the 2013 vintage even though the grapes aren’t ready yet!

– Karla

Oregon Top Wine Destinations

September 17, 2013

Cowhorn was reviewed by See Oregon’s top wine destinations on their website, Rogue River Valley section at the bottom.

– Karla

Netting the Grapes

September 11, 2013

Time for some netting this week. Typically close to harvest we need to save our crop!

– Bill Steele

Pop Quiz

September 10, 2013

We are very analytical in many aspects of farming and winemaking, and every year we conduct a fair amount of plant tissue and soil analysis (and pay a pretty penny) using third-party labs. These test results give us direction for both our amendment and winter cover crop program each fall with the goal being a consistently, well balanced and healthy vineyard. Amendments and cover crop seed are then selected based on the lab test results, and we can add very site-specific nutrients back into the soil in the right vineyard block. This summer in each vineyard block we dug holes and collected soil samples (50 total). We then also collected plant tissue samples, specifically the petioles or stalks of vine leaves. This picture shows a sample bag and a few petioles.

– Karla

Gramercy Tavern Winemaker Dinner

September 7, 2013

Barb had a great time last night at our Gramercy Tavern winemaker dinner in New York. The food was fantastic and the service beyond impeccable. She enjoyed discussing Biodynamics and, of course, Cowhorn wines. Many thanks to the folks at Gramercy for a memorable evening.

– Bill Steele