Oregon Tourist Destination

July 22, 2013

Oregon’s Top Tourist & Wine Destinations

Cowhorn Vineyards & Garden

There is a long-running debate in the wine world about whether the end product or the process is more important. One camp argues that the place and process is paramount for both the wine and the fate of mankind (at least in some cases), while the opposing camp argues that as long as the wine is delicious, it doesn’t really matter how it was made. Fortunately for Southern Oregon wine drinkers, Cowhorn Winery satisfies both camps.

Bill and Barbara Steele planted their first eleven acres of vineyards in 2005 and already produce some of Oregon’s highest-rated Rhone varietals to include Syrah, Grenache, and Viognier. In addition, Cowhorn is the only certified organic and Biodynamic winery in Southern Oregon. As if that weren’t enough, Cowhorn’s farming operation produces thousands of pounds of asparagus which it supplies to local markets and coops. For a thoroughly holistic farm and wine tasting experience, make sure Cowhorn is on your list!