The new vines are in!

June 30, 2010

After four long days of planting, we got the last of our new vines in the ground. We planted a little over 13,700 plants in two areas, about 8,000 new Viognier plants in Block 2 and 5,500 Marsanne and Roussanne plants in Block C. It was a tremendous group effort with family and friends assisting Cowhorn over the four day period. We look forward to added white wine production in two to three years. Keep your fingers crossed.

– Bill Steele

FARM to FORK features Cowhorn

June 14, 2010

Join us for FARM to FORK at the HappyDirt Veggie Patch in Ashland on Saturday, August 28 when Cowhorn wines will be featured. FARM to FORK is a traveling farm-to-table restaurant, local food fundraiser, and community celebration rolled into one!

Dinners are designed to reconnect people to the source of their food, and to honor the talented farmers, food artisans, winemakers, and chefs that contribute to the growing culinary reputation and local food community of Southern Oregon.

Chef Kristen Lyon and Matthew Domingo will feature Port Orford Sustainable Seafood along with ingredients including Albacore Tuna, Cucumbers, Greens, Heirloom Tomatoes, Summer Squash, Shell Beans, Corn, Peaches, and more. That evening’s dinner will benefit Friends of Family Farmers and Ashland-Talent Growers CSA.

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I like the concept of reinvention. For me, it implies conscious, deliberate actions to progress toward something new or improved. In the vineyard, we prune our vines by hand always keeping in mind that this year’s actions define our buds and subsequent fruit for the next year. Reinvention in the vineyard is much like it is for people: it takes time. Only after a full season of change can you capture the reinvented qualities you desire.

From a Biodynamic standpoint, nothing in life is static. Our crops, land, soil and ourselves are alive and always capable of more depth, character, vitality and complexity. All of the beings at Cowhorn continue to evolve both physically and etherically. Now that is woo-woo!

– Barbara Steele

Yeehaw – Cowhorn’s a-growin’!

June 2, 2010

For those who are local, you may have noticed some big equipment along Eastside Road lately. Bill and I are happy, crazy, delirious (take your pick!) to announce that we have begun an expansion project.

As always at Cowhorn, rocks are the first priority when developing a block! In this picture, Patrick Fox, our contractor, is moving rock on Day 1 of the project – is this OSHA approved?

We decided to expand into Blocks 2 and C. Check out the Masterplan to see where those blocks are. Although Block 2 was always designated as a vineyard block, C was intended for produce. We are so pleased with the Marsanne and Roussanne in Block 6 however, we decided to put vines in C. Block C will provide these vines with cooler mornings, later afternoons and more fertility relative to the other blocks planted so far.

It is an interesting calculation on paper to determine what and where to plant a vineyard, and this one is a bit of a tweener. In the end, we decided to go for it. If the paper analysis is correct, we will achieve grapes with higher sugar content while still retaining their natural acids and strong aromatics. What is not to love? But with all things Cowhorn, it will be three years until we will know. To sleep, perchance to dream…

– Barbara Steele